Curriculum Statement

Music forms an invaluable part of children’s education and well-being. Not only can music bring enjoyment through listening, singing, or playing, it can provide a lifelong pastime or even career. More importantly in education, it offers a host of other benefits, such as: helping to develop language, reasoning, memorisation, emotional intelligence, pattern recognition, auditory skills and imagination; promoting craftsmanship; increasing co-ordination; improving self-esteem and confidence; presenting a means for some children to remain engaged in school or can simply be relaxing! With many of our youngsters experiencing English as a second language, singing in particular provides an opportunity for building oral confidence and extending vocabulary.

In our classrooms, children experience a growing appreciation and understanding of Music in its many forms whilst building performance skills, via a progressive, exciting, contemporary and relevant, music scheme. Music is also featured into many others lessons, such as History and Maths, as an enjoyable opportunity to extend children’s knowledge.

We embrace every opportunity to weave music into the school day. Alongside music clubs, assemblies, productions and performances, our teachers are encouraged to embrace and include music into day-to-day school life: to calm, educate, entertain, stimulate, escape, engage or inspire!

Music Flowchart



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