School closes on:


And reopens on:

2022-2023 Year      
Half Term Friday 21st October 2022


Monday 31st October 2022
Christmas Friday 16th December 2022 2.00pm Wednesday 4th January 2023 (Nursery, Thursday 5th Jan.)
Half Term Friday 10th February 2023 3.15pm Monday 20th February 2023
Easter Friday 31st March 2023 3.15pm Tuesday 18th April 2023 (Nursery, Wednesday 19th April)
May Day Friday 28th April 2023 3.15pm Tuesday 2nd May 2023
Bank Holiday Friday 5th May 2023 3.15pm Tuesday 9th May 2023
Half Term Friday 26th May 2023 3.15pm Monday 5th June 2023
Summer  Friday 21st July 2023 3.15pm Tuesday 5th September 2023
23-24 Year Provisional Dates    
Half Term Friday 27th October 2023 3:15pm Monday 7th November 2023
Christmas Thursday 21st December 2023 3:15pm Tuesday 9th January 2024
Half Term Friday 9th February 2024 3:15pm Monday 19th February 2024
Easter Friday 22nd March 2024 3:15pm Tuesday 9th April 2024
May Day Friday 3rd May 2024 3:15pm Tuesday 7th May 2024
Half Term Friday 24th May 2024 3:15pm Monday 3rd June 2024
Summer  Friday 19th July 2024 3:15pm  

Staff training days*:

2022/23 2023/24 (Provisional Dates)
5th September, 2022 4th September, 2023
3rd January, 2023 22nd December, 2023
17th April, 2023 8th January, 2024
24th July 2023 8th April, 2024
25th July, 2023 22nd July, 2024



Please work with us to help your child develop punctuality and good attendance.

Please avoid the school term dates when planning your own holidays.

At the end of each full term (autumn, spring & summer) in academic year 22/23 School, including afternoon Nursery, finishes at 3.15p.m.

On every other school day, School finishes at 3:15 p.m. and afternoon Nursery finishes at 3.15 p.m.

Academic Year 22/23 Nursery starts back a few days later than School each September, January & April, to allow staff to make home visits.

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