We welcome visits to school from prospective Reception Class parents, from October in the year prior to admission in September; please contact school to arrange an appointment.

We follow the North Yorkshire Council (NYC) School’s Admission Policy and operate in accordance with NYC’s Admissions procedure.

Click here to find further information on NYC admission arrangements

Should you wish to receive application details at the appropriate time you may call into the school office during school hours to complete a notification form. We ask that you do this in person and bring confirmation of your child’s date of birth with you (birth certificate or passport).

Entry into Nursery

Nursery pupils are normally admitted in the school year following their 3rd birthday (N2 year) and they spend three terms in Nursery. If space allows we are able to take children in the term following their 3rd birthday.


Children born between: Are normally admitted in: If space, could be admitted: Maximum no. of terms in Nursery
April – August Autumn following 3rd birthday. Term following 3rd birthday. 3  (All N2 year)
January – March Autumn following 3rd birthday. Term following 3rd birthday. 4 (1 in N1 year & 3 in N2 year)
September – December Autumn following 3rd birthday. Term following 3rd birthday. 5 (2 in N1 year & 3 in N2 year)

All children are entitled to 5 free sessions (15 hours) per week; either 5 mornings or 5 afternoons.

Children are admitted to the Nursery Class in accordance with the current North Yorkshire Local Education Authority's Admission Policy.

If you would like to put your child on our nursery notification list please click the link below and complete the notification form:

Notification Form - Nursery Place

once we have received a completed notification form, the term before your child is due to start nursery, we will send you an application form and invite you and your child to nursery to have an informal chat with the nursery leads.  Once we have the relevant information we will issue a formal letter offering your child  sessions, if you want to accept these you will need to complete the Nursery admission form.  

Entry into Reception

Applications for places are dealt with by North Yorkshire County Council and are normally made by completing a parental preference form online.

Each autumn North Yorkshire Council (NYC) Admissions Department open their ‘applications window’ for children who have made 3 years old by that August. We will alert those parents held on our notification list when it is time to make an application.

Reception pupils are normally admitted to school in the September following their 4th birthday. In the summer term before the September start, parents and children are invited to a welcome visit to find out more about how we work and ask any questions they might still have.  At this meeting the children will have the opportunity to have a short time in ‘their class’.  In the September we strive to ensure every child’s entry into school is happy and relaxed, with a carefully structured induction plan.

Please note that there is no guarantee that a child who has attended Grove Road Nursery will be allocated a place in the Reception year.

Entry into Years 1 – Years 6

Parents of older children, moving into the area will need to get in touch with the Admissions Department, NYC; as with entry into Reception, all applications for KS1 and KS2 places are dealt with by North Yorkshire Council.

Click here to find further information on NYC admission arrangements.

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