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Year 1 and Year 2

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Class Authors

Oliver Jeffers

David Litchfield

Sue Hendra

Dapo Adeola

Oliver Jeffers is a multi-award winning visual artist and author working in painting, bookmaking, illustration, collage, performance, and sculpture. His critically acclaimed picture books have been translated into over fifty languages and sold over 14 million copies worldwide. His original artwork has been exhibited at such institutions as the Brooklyn Museum in New York, the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin, the National Portrait Gallery in London, and the Palais Auersperg in Vienna.

David Litchfield is a multi-award winning illustrator and author. He first started to draw when he was very young, creating Star Wars and Indiana Jones ‘mash up’ comics for his older brother and sister. Since then David’s work has appeared in magazines, newspapers, books and on T-shirts.

Suzanne Francis Hendra is a British writer and illustrator of over seventy books for children, including Barry the Fish with Fingers and Supertato. Her book Wanda and the Alien has been adapted for television.


Dapo Adeola is an award-winning illustrator and designer who creates characters and images that challenge expectations around race and gender in a fun and upbeat way. He is the co-creator and illustrator of best selling picture book Look Up!


Recommended read: Here we are

Recommended read: The Bear and the Piano

Recommended read: Supertato

Recommended read: Look Up!










People and their communities – where in the world do these people live?  


Bonfire Night and The Great Fire of London– Should we still celebrate Bonfire Night? Did the Great Fire make London a better or worse place?  

Animals and their habitats – where do our favourite animals live? 

Intrepid Explorers – Who were the greatest explorers and what did they do?  

Food – where does our food come from?  

We’re all going on a summer holiday – how have seaside holidays changed over time?  

Stunning start 

Walk around local area (map skills) 

Creating salt dough and fire alarm!  

Detectives to follow clues to find out which animals have visited school!  

Pandas, penguins, sharks and elephants 



Visit from an explorer - PRIDE poster 

Pizza Express Visit:  





Trip to the seaside/Seaside Day in school 


Grandparents to visit each week for assembly  


Letter writing – where we live and our family.  

Pen pals with Summerbridge 



Diary entry (Samuel Pepys)  

Research an endangered animal and present fact files. Raise money for WWF 


T4W – The Gingerbread Manging gingerbread 


(hook – video) 



T4W The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch  




Reading skills  

 The Bear and the Piano 



Toby and the Great Fire of London 


Poles Apart 

Secrets of the Vegetable Garden  



Year 1   

Number: place value (within 20) 

Number: addition  


Year 2  

Number: place value 

Number: Addition and Subtraction  

Measurement: money  



Year 1   

Number: addition and subtraction 

Number: place value (within 50) 


Year 2 






Year 1   

Multiplication and division  



Place value (within 50)  


Year 2 


Problem solving 






Animals, including humans (Y1 + Y2) 


Living things and their habitats (Y2) 

Uses of everyday materials (Y2) 

Plants (Y2)  





Who were the greatest explorers and what did they do? 




Where in the world do these people live? 



Where does our food come from? 

How have seaside holidays changed over time? 







Art and design: Josef Wilkon- artist inspired by animals. (Poland born 1930) 


Art and design: Stephanie Peters- fire art. (America born 1995) 




Art and design: Gordon Barker- beach art( UK born 1960) 



Design Technology 




DT: Dr Lucy King- inventor of the beehive fence. 

DT The invention and development of ships through history. 

DT: Ainsley Harriot –recipe inventor. 





Hands Feet Heart 

Nativity – Hey Ewe  

I Wanna Play in a Band 

Zoo Time  

Friendship Song  

Reflect Rewind and Replay 



Fundamental Movement Skills 

Orienteering and Team Building 

Gymnastics and Dance 

Fun Games 




Christianity, Islam and Sikhism. 

Creation Story 

Does God want Christians to look after the world? 


What might Christians in my town have given baby Jesus if he had been born here rather than Bethlehem?  

Jesus is a friend 

Was it always easy for Jesus to show friendship? 

Easter – forgiveness 


What is ‘good’ about Good Friday?  

Hindu beliefs 


How can Brayham be everywhere and in everything? 




Does completing Hajj make a person a better person?  




Being Me in My World 

Celebrating Difference 

Dreams and Goals 

Healthy Me 


Changing Me 


New skills – tying shoelaces 

Growth mindset and making mistakes 

Successful learners – reading  

Problem solving 

Metacognitive talk  

Planning, monitoring and evaluating 

Coaching and feedback  

Cooperative learning and teamwork 

Fabulous Finish 

Trip to Summerbridge/Summerbridge children visit us 

Art gallery 

Animal Day!  

Bee Visit – honey etc 

Big Cook, Little Cook 

Art Attack – Large scale art  


Topic Web Spring 2022/23

Stunning start - discovery!

Detectives to follow clues to find out which animal has visited school!  



We Are Mathematicians!


Year 1   

Place Value

Addition and Subtraction


Year 2 


Multiplication & Division

We Celebrate different Faiths and Languages in our Community and Beyond!

Jesus is a friend 

Was it always easy for Jesus to show friendship? 


We Are Geographers!


Where do our favourite animals live?

We Are Authors!


Research an endangered animal and present fact files. Raise money for WWF 

We Are Digital Leaders!


Moving a Robot

We Are Musicians!

I Wanna Play in a Band


We Are Safe & Respectful Citizens/PSHE!


Dreams and Goals 

We Are Scientists!


Uses of everyday materials (Y2)



Animals and their Habitats – Where do our favourite animals live?

We Are Sports Stars!



We are Artists and Designers!


Clare Youngs Printing and Collage 

We Are Readers!


Reading Skills-  Tad 



Please try and read with your child daily and make a note in their planner. Little and often reading practise makes a huge difference to their progress with reading and applying their phonic knowledge!

Additional Home Learning


Don’t forget you have access to lots of fantastic online resources to support children’s learning


Rec, Y1 & Y2 - WWN

Rec, Y1 & Y2 – Numbots

Rec, Y1 & Y2 – BugClub

Y2 – Times Table Rockstars


Phonics Play

Username – TeamGR

Password - Phonics



Fabulous Finish!


Animal Day!  



Topic Web Autumn 2022/23

Stunning start - discovery!


Walk in the local area. Use map skills to follow clues.

We Are Authors!


Pen pals – letter writing to explain where we live

Reading Skills

David Litchfield – The Bear & the Piano

We Are Mathematicians!


Year 1

Place value within 20

Addition within 20

Year 2

Place value

Addition and subtraction


We Are Scientists!


Animals including humans

We Are Geographers!


People and their communities – where in the world do these people live?




People and their Communities –

Where in the world do these people live?  

We Are Musicians!


Charanga – Hands Feet and Heart




Special Dates


Tuesday 13th September – Roald Dahl Day

W/C Monday 19th September – Recycle Week

Monday 26th September – European Day of Languages

October – Black History Month

W/C Monday 10th October – World Space Week

Monday 10th October – World Mental Health Day


Daisy’s Daily Double at home


Reading daily


Accessing online maths platforms daily

We Are Artists!


Art and design: Josef Wilkon- artist inspired by animals. (Poland born 1930)


We Are Sports Stars!


Fundamental movement skills



We Celebrate Different Faiths and Languages of Our Community and Beyond!


Creation Story 

Does God want Christians to look after the world? 


We Are Safe & Respectful Citizens/PSHCE!


Being Me in My World

Fabulous Finish!


Pen pal letters


Possible visit to a contrasting area

We are Metacognition Masters!


Learning a new skill – how to tie shoelaces


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